The Maasai Dental Clinic's Unique Opening Ceremonies.   

When the Clinic was nearly completed in 2008, the Maasai Chief for the area told Dr. Damazo, the founder, of the need to have a “Blessing ceremony.” He suggested that he buy two big bulls and ten sheep for food, and that it would be appreciated if he also had 2000 orange sodas.

The Maasai arranged for the slaughtering of the animals, making 100 gallons of soup, and roasting the meat.

Opening day was a beautiful day when approximately 2000 Maasai appeared in their very colorful clothing. The clinic was opened and the locally trained dental assistant stood by a dental chair, operating it up and down as the 2000 Maasai filed through the first floor and out the back door of the clinic so that they could get a look at a modern dental clinic.

There was much singing and dancing by the Maasai ladies, children, and warriors, and speeches were given by the Narok Maasai Health Officer, a recently retired Member of Parliament, Chief Warden of the Mara Game Park, and local Maasai Chiefs. They all had the same message....

“We are very grateful, we need the clinic, please do not leave us.”

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