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Since its 2008 inception, the Maasai Dental Clinic has served as a global teaching site. This program is the result of Dr. Ray and Gail Damazo’s vision to bring dental students from all over the world for experiential learning. Under the onsite supervision of a licensed dentist mentor, nine dental students have completed a 2 or 4 week volunteer rotation.

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry has championed this program. Interested 4th year dental students are required to apply and must be competent clinically, meet academic requirements and, importantly, demonstrate compassion in their willingness to serve.

Students from LLUSD are supervised by adjunct faculty members.

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Students are highly impacted by their experience. “It was during my senior year in dental school that I had the opportunity to serve at the Maasai Dental Clinic. It was a life changing experience for me to work side by side with my family and care for such an amazing group of people”, says Dr. Justin Libby, LLUSD 2011.

World Health Dental Organization is committed to student learning and is pleased to sponsor the Global Teaching Site program. We invite dental students to contact us for more information.

The Maasai Dental Clinic is located 87 Kilometers from the nearest dentist. There are 4,360 school children in five schools within a ten-mile radius of the clinic; these children have no access to any type of dental care or dental health education other than what the clinic can provide. In order to reach as many of the children as possible, the Maasai Dental Clinic has applied for a grant to fund an outreach program that will allow each student to be screened, educated and have fluoride varnish applied to their teeth at 6 month intervals.

IT IS PROPOSED to establish a Caries Prevention Program, in which a Sodium Fluoride 5% anti-decay Varnish is applied to all 4300+ primary school children's teeth every six months for three years. This Varnish will be applied at the schools by two trained employees from the Maasai Dental Clinic and supervised by the Maasai Dental Clinic Manager. Records of all treated children will be retained at the clinic. The employees will travel to the schools and see the children in groups of ten. They will record the names, do a visual exam, and then apply the Fluoride varnish. Children with potential problems will be referred to the clinic for further examination and treatment.

The long-term impact is for the children to understand the importance of oral health and reduce the disproportionate burden of oral diseases suffered by many members of the Maasai tribe.

Also included in this proposal is a comprehensive Dental Health Education Program. This will include meetings with parents and local chiefs to promote community awareness, and volunteer dentists going to the schools to speak to the children, as well as handing out printed information.

Whereas the Maasai Dental Clinic is located 87 Kilometers from the closest professional medical care, tropical diseases like Malaria and worms are common.   With the population of 75,000 Maasai in the area, the Maasai Dental Clinic is made available for a semi-annual, Saturday and Sunday, Mother/ Baby Clinic.

A Pediatrician and OBGYN or Internist from a California Medical School would conduct a semi-annual clinic.   All area Clinical Officers and nurses from our area working in rural clinics, plus doctors from Narok (87KM away) would be invited to learn from University Professionals twice a year. The invitation for continuing education would be extended to all auxiliary medical personnel within a one hundred kilometer circle.


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